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Karachi stock exchange-100 index rose by 227 points after positivity returned at Pakistan stock market

Pakistan Stock ExchangePakistan stock market saw another positive week as Karachi stock exchange-100 index climbed 227 points during the week.The index started the week at 32441 points and ended the week at 32669 points.The rise in the international oil prices was the one major reason for the rise in the stock market index.


The market started the week at a positive note and continued this positivity throughout the week.In last three days Karachi stock exchange 100-index showed negative trend ,mainly due to profit taking by the local investors.Domestic and foreign investors showed keen interested in the market. Foreign investors bought net equity of $ 4.1 million during the week. This trend shows that foreign investors are slowly and gradually regaining confidence in the local market.

Pakistan Stock Exchange

Best Performers

Oil & Gas and cement sectors were the best performing sectors in the stock market.Oil and gas marketing companies such as PSO and Shell Pakistan have showed a solid growth.The share prices of the PSO and Shell Pakistan grew by 17 % and 0.19 % respectively during the week.

Cement sector companies such as Attock cement and Cherat cement have shown a good growth.The share prices of the Attock Cement and Cherat Cement have grew by 12.54 % and 5.78 % respectively during the week.Following are the top gainer and loser companies of the week.

Top 5 Gainers
Rafhan Maize Products Ltd [92,364,000]7,700.007,999.95299.958,000.007,850.007,955.66700
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000]6,705.007,000.00295.007,000.006,750.006,898.06220
Sanofi-Aventis Ltd [96,448,000]453.13500.0046.87519.50474.00490.652,150
Bhanero Textile Mills Ltd [30,000,000]495.70524.0028.30524.00520.48522.24200
Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd [1,177,063,000]124.95152.9728.02152.97129.98141.633,000
Top 5 Losers
Unilever Pakistan Food Limited [61,576,000]6,000.005,300.33-699.676,000.005,160.015,619.79380
Bata Pakistan Ltd [75,600,000]3,400.003,200.00-200.003,400.003,200.003,263.971,620
Wyeth Pakistan Ltd [142,161,000]1,810.001,670.00-140.001,750.001,663.001,667.20120
Atlas Battery Ltd [173,996,000]640.00571.06-68.94644.00569.99605.7411,550
Packages Ltd [883,795,000]509.30473.78-35.52511.00467.05489.11231,750

What is in the future?

Market analysts like Arif Habib Limited are expecting a mixed trend in the upcoming week.They believe that volatility in the international oil and commodity markets can negatively affect the Pakistan stock market. It is suggested that investors should invest in the cement and power sectors to reap benefits from their investments. These sectors have very good potential to grow in next few months.

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