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Weekly Market Report (Karachi Stock Exchange)-(April 7,2014 to April 11, 2014)

KSEBulls remained in power during the last trading week at Karachi Stock Exchange. Many went back to home with huge gains followed by a successful and triumphant trading session. Observing a noticeable increase of 3%, Karachi Stock Exchange- 100 index closed on 29,249 points after an increase on 849 points. Market had a rise of 332 Million shares during the week in addition to a rise of 7% in week on week market activity. In the same course, week on week value of US dollar rose up to 18% in trading volume.

Overall Karachi Stock market trading activity followed a robust trend based on the last week’s trading outputs. Week on week overall trading activity embossed a strong percentage increase i.e., 8.8%. Observing the brawny increase and trading activity in the market, foreign investors seemed to be interested and this can be judged by the perceptible increase in foreign investments i.e., 34.8 US dollars. It is likely to remain the same trend because of the foreign flows and it might be a matter of stay watchful of the alien activities and the announcements.

Following is the list of top gainers, losers and volume leaders:

Top GainersTop LosersVolume Leaders
1.Pak Tobacco Co.Jah.Sidd. CoLPCL
2.Muree Brewery Co LtdTri?Pack Films LimitedTRG
3.TRG Pakistan LtdCherat CementMLCF
4.ICI PakistanStand.Chart.BankJSCL
5.EFU Life Assur LtdCentury PaperFCCL
6.Lucky CementAzgard NineENGRO
7.National FoodsJS Bank LtdAICL
8.Nestle PakistanPak ServicesBOP
9.Attock Cement LtdShell PakistanDGKC
10.Maple Leaf CementKohinoor EnergyBAFL












Following is a list of prominent news that affected the market activity:

– Key index movers involve MCB (3.8% up), ENGRO (11% up), OGDCL (2.7% up), PSO (6.8% up) and PSEL (27.6% up)

– Pakistan has sold bonds costing 2 Billion US dollars in the global market

– State Bank of Pakistan signaled the decision of lowering down the monetary base rate in the upcoming monetary policy release

– Cement sector observed a slump in year on year sales calculated in March 2014 with 4.4% in which domestic sales contributed 3.7% and exports were lowered down by 5.6% YoY

– Pakistani Finance Minister Mr. Dar has disclosed that World Bank intends to pay 10 billion US dollars to Pakistan in the heads of development projects up to the year 2019

– Pakistani rupee was appreciated and was set on the lower level as Rs. 96.20 equals to one American dollar

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