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Weekly Karachi Stock Exchange Report (From January 5,2014 to January 9,2014)

karachi stock ExchangeThe KSE- 100 index  crossed the 32000 barrier and finally settled at  all time high point of 33324 points at the end of the week.The market  continued the boom of the last few weeks and climbed 593 points this week.The KSE-100 index started the week at 32731 points and ended the week at 33324 points.The weekly trade volume increased by 27.3 % from 1160 shares to 1476 shares. The index value increased by 1.88% from Rs 7.61 Trillions to Rs 7.75 Trillions during the week.

According to the stock market analysts, the recent surge in the stock market is mainly due to boom in the oil and food sectors. Investors showed their interest in companies such as The Oil and Gas Development Company, Pakistan Petroleum Limited and Pakistan Oilfields Limited,Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation and Engro Corporation  as they all showed significant growth in their shares during the week. Following are the top 10 traded companies and gainers companies of the stock exchange.

Top 10 Traded Companies
NIB Bank Ltd. [103,028,512,000]2.592.700.102.852.562.7427,814,500
Pak Elektron Ltd [3,981,451,000]47.0148.181.6548.8547.0048.3524,227,500
Jahangir Siddiqui & Co Ltd [7,632,853,000]15.4715.770.4016.0015.2515.7121,845,000
Pakistan International Airlines Corp (A) [28,772,175,000],029,000
K-Electric Limited [96,653,179,000]9.909.960.0310.099.759.9211,333,000
Power Cement Limited [3,656,900,000],819,500
Bank Al-Falah [15,872,427,000]33.6933.920.4234.2433.5633.969,970,000
Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd [5,277,339,000]48.2047.62-0.2849.0047.5248.199,772,500
D.G. Khan Cement Co Ltd [4,381,191,000]116.35116.131.04117.95115.61116.969,196,500
Sui Southern Gas Pipline Co Ltd [8,809,164,000]38.9439.480.9340.4638.5039.838,935,000
Top 10 Gainers
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000]10,600.0010,975.01522.4610,975.1710,600.0010,924.581,120
Rafhan Maize Products Ltd [92,364,000]10,840.0010,972.14472.1411,025.0010,840.0010,933.50200
Bata Pakistan Ltd [75,600,000]3,950.003,950.00170.003,950.003,950.003,950.00300
Unilever Pakistan Food Limited [61,576,000]8,511.018,999.9999.998,999.998,511.018,702.0060
Island Textile Mills Ltd [5,000,000]845.00845.2540.25845.25845.00845.13100
AKZO Nobel Pakistan Ltd [464,433,000]390.00403.4819.21403.48384.05396.50201,400
Pakistan Oilfields Ltd [2,365,459,000]385.90399.6318.32400.37382.60393.802,285,300
Hino Pak Motors Ltd [124,006,000]879.90885.6813.79898.00875.10859.669,800
Shifa International Hospitals Ltd [505,138,000]242.00252.9912.04252.99242.00249.1771,100
Biafo Industries Ltd [200,000,000]202.25202.259.63202.25198.00201.89120,30

Following news affected the market during the week

  • Good earnings are expected from the fertilizer and banking sectors
  • Engro corporation has signed an agreement with the Guddu thermal power company to use their gas of 60mmcfd for its plant till end of this year.
  • Foreign investors sold stock equity of $ 6.1 million during the week
  • Low inflation rates were revealed for the last month
  • Reduction in the discount rate is expected by the investors.

Karachi Stock Exchange

Market experts and investors are expecting a continued boom in the stock market for next week.The main reason for their optimism is expected discount rate cut , expected earnings rise in banking and fertilizer sectors.Investors should try to invest in the banking and fertilizer sectors to get maximum benefits from their investments.Government should try to improve the investment climate by resolving all the outstanding political and economic issues of the country to keep the economic climate and stock market stable.


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