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Weekly Karachi Stock Market Report (From Dec 22nd,2014 to Dec 26,2014)

karachi stock ExchangeKarachi stock exchange  bounced back  and recovered all its losses of previous weeks.Stock traders showed their interest in banking,energy and fertilizer sectors ,as buying in these sectors helped the KSE-100 index to escalate by 982 points.The value of the stock index  increased by Rs 0.23 trillion (3.22%)  from 7.13 Trillions to Rs 7.37 Trillions.Its trade volume also improved from the last week by 92 million shares .  According to the stock market experts stable political situation contributed to the recent stock market surge.Political stability  and strong market activity also attracted the foreign investors ,who invested more than  $7.8 million in the market during the week. Following are the top 10 gainers and losers companies of the Karachi Stock Market.

Top 10 Gainers
Wyeth Pakistan Ltd [142,161,000]4,195.004,200.00200.004,200.004,195.004,198.7580
Exide Pakistan Ltd [77,686,000]2,011.002,098.3699.872,098.412,011.002,087.25800
Bata Pakistan Ltd [75,600,000]3,649.993,600.0080.003,650.003,599.003,589.95400
Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering Co Ltd [82,470,000]1,150.001,170.0050.001,176.001,150.001,170.92560
Pakistan Tobacco Co Ltd [2,554,938,000]950.00983.4446.83983.44950.00983.052,680
Mitchells Fruits Farms Ltd [78,750,000]883.34883.3442.06883.34883.34883.342,300
Atlas Battery Ltd [173,996,000]890.00909.7327.68925.00890.00907.3517,900
Packages Ltd [843,795,000]615.00646.9026.27651.00614.40646.2231,250
Archroma Pakistan Limited [341,182,000]574.00598.2321.76605.29573.00589.6756,100
Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd [200,831,000]444.20444.2021.15444.20444.20444.20100
Top 10 Losers
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000]9,100.009,000.10-97.409,100.009,000.109,135.0060
Colgate Palmolive (Pakistan) Ltd [479,549,000]2,290.002,100.00-83.172,290.002,076.002,202.231,500
Island Textile Mills Ltd [5,000,000]850.00814.92-35.08850.00807.50822.44400
Rafhan Maize Products Ltd [92,364,000]10,480.0010,283.33-34.2510,650.0010,100.0010,386.50120
Fazal Textile Mills Ltd [61,875,000]632.07-33.26632.07632.07632.44
Bhanero Textile Mills Ltd [30,000,000]460.01458.97-23.03460.01457.90458.97300
Gillette Pakistan Ltd [192,000,000]385.00385.00-20.00385.00385.00385.00500
Mari Petroleum Company Limited [1,102,500,000]487.00469.87-16.42487.00465.50473.56485,800
Indus Motor Co Ltd [786,000,000]837.00855.16-14.84870.00837.00857.228,350
ICI Pakistan Ltd [923,590,000]461.00449.77-12.83461.00448.00452.089,000



Karachi Stock Exchange

Following news affected the stock market activity during the week

  • Global oil prices remained stable during the week
  • Political deadlock ended,as PTI-Government dialogue resumed again
  • Foreign exchange reserves touched the $15 Billion figure
  • IMF released fifth and sixth installment of the loan program for the Pakistan

Market experts are again expecting a positive trend next week,as investors have finally regained their confidence on the market and the economy.Investors remained cautious last week due to fluid  political and security situation. Experts are advising stock traders to invest in the blue chip stocks of  stable sector such as financial sector,as it is showing very good prospects in the future. Government should also take one step forward  and resolve all the disputed political issues with the opposition parties,as dispute irresolution will play an important role in  improving the political and economic situation of the country.

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