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Weekly Karachi Stock Market Report (From Dec 1,2014 to Dec 5,2014)


karachi stock ExchangeKarachi Stock Exchange-100 index rose by  297 points this week,  mainly due to low inflation numbers and relatively calm political scenario. KSE-100 index started at 31198 points on Monday and closed at 32149 points on Friday. Its  value increased by 3.10 %,as it increased from Rs 7.40 Trillion to Rs 7.63 trillion.The share trade volume of the Karachi stock market was 1750 million shares this week  The investors mostly  showed their interest in power and cement sectors.Top 5 gainers of the week were the following companies.


                                                                                          Top 5 Gainers of the week

Sui Northern24.9927.972.9828.2823.7525.8223031500
TRG Pakistan11.3613.902.5414.0711.3612.7982875500
Shezan International950.951118.72167.771113.84955.001043.4046990
Kohinoor Textile28.8631.762.9033.4028.6531.287249500
Nishat Mills122.16133.6811.52138.40122.00133.0819704800

Following important news affected the stock market during the week.

(i) Inflation rate was 11-year low at 3.96%

(ii) International oil prices continued to drop during the week

(iii) Foreign portfolio investment  this week was $1.8 million

(iv) Lower circular debt in the power sector

(v) Political tensions decreased,as government announced told hold talks with PTI

Karachi Stock Exchange

Stock analysts are again expecting a positive trend next week.Although political tensions are increasing and investors are  closely monitoring the negotiations process, between PTI and the government.So investors are really cautious about their investments. So this means that investors must show extreme level of patience to get good result from their investments. According to the political and market analysts , government must play a active role to solve this ongoing political crisis.It is very necessary to solve this crisis , as it is really affecting the stock market and the overall economy badly.

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