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Weekly Karachi Stock Market Report (From 18 August 2014 to 24 August 2014)

Karachi stock Exchange showed a mixed trend mostly due to political instability and investor distrust on the government. The KSE-100 Index started on 28918 points and ended on the 28872 points which means it lost 46 points during the volatile week.The worst trading day was Tuesday when the index dipped 222.03 points,mainly due to very negative approach of the government towards solving the political crisis.Following are the main gainer and loser companies of the week as far as Karachi stock exchange is concerned.

Top gainers of the week

Rafhan Maize Products Ltd [92,364,000]10,950.0010,975.50250.5011,150.0010,801.0010,979.33120
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000]7,500.007,500.00220.007,500.007,500.007,500.0020
Wyeth Pakistan Ltd [142,161,000]3,051.6188.883,051.613,051.61
Murree Brewery Co Ltd [230,530,000]980.00979.5040.00980.00979.00979.5040
Exide Pakistan Ltd [77,686,000]808.00808.2036.16810.64775.00808.8615,300
Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited [615,803,000]514.00514.0023.22514.00514.00514.0050
Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Co [180,737,000]688.99699.0319.03699.03688.99694.01100
Pakistan Int. Container [1,091,532,000]270.00270.0010.00270.00270.00270.00100
Sanofi-Aventis Ltd [96,448,000]680.01710.009.78710.00680.01695.01100
EFU Life Assurance Ltd [1,000,000,000]124.51129.004.50129.00124.50125.932,200


Top losers of the week

Top 10 Losers
Shezan International Ltd [60,000,000]925.00906.30-38.70975.00900.00948.604,900
Service Industries Ltd [120,288,000]610.05602.88-26.23641.99598.00613.7217,650
Mitchells Fruits Farms Ltd [63,000,000]550.10547.00-25.00550.10544.00549.08750
Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering Co Ltd [82,470,000]1,050.501,050.00-14.831,050.501,050.001,050.06180
Jubilee Life Insurance Co Ltd. [721,188,000]270.00270.29-9.71285.00270.00270.295,100
Packages Ltd [843,795,000]511.55502.02-9.52515.00500.02504.4315,850
Faisal Spinning Mills Ltd [100,000,000]121.00121.02-4.77121.11121.00121.003,400
Ferozsons (Laboratories) Ltd [301,868,000]226.00220.30-4.53226.00220.10223.2113,600
Jubilee General Insurance Co Ltd [1,569,101,000]84.9084.84-4.4684.9084.8484.872,000
Abbott Laboratories Pakistan Ltd [979,003,000]532.49527.47-4.26544.47525.00534.7112,450


According to the trade analysts,government has to show maturity towards solving the political crisis,as this political uncertainty is really hurting the stock exchange and also the progress of the overall economy.

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