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Weekly Analysis : Karachi Stock market saw its worst week in last 6 months

karachi stock ExchangeKarachi stock market saw its worst week in it last six months,as Karachi stock exchange-100 index fell by 1128 points during the week.Although index recovered by 348 points on Friday, but still it was  one of the most horrible weeks in the history of the Karachi stock exchange .The political instability,massive selling by the foreign investors and the overall bearish investor sentiment were three prime reasons for the disappointing performance of the Karachi stock exchange.Following are the top gainers and losers of the week at the Karachi stock market.

Top 10 Losers
Rafhan Maize Products Ltd [92,364,000] 10,450.009,919.29-530.7110,850.009,850.0010,298.98880
Unilever Pakistan Food Limited [61,576,000] 9,024.108,800.00-224.108,800.008,800.008,946.67100
Bata Pakistan Ltd [75,600,000] 3,749.993,610.00-139.993,700.003,562.503,665.79460
Exide Pakistan Ltd [77,686,000] 1,300.001,175.50-124.501,325.001,113.001,205.885,340
Pakistan Services Ltd [325,242,000] 553.87474.89-78.98526.18474.89488.6650
Murree Brewery Co Ltd [230,530,000] 1,029.00960.00-69.001,000.00912.00961.425,700
Shezan International Ltd [79,860,000] 1,096.501,037.40-59.101,151.001,037.401,084.53300
CYAN Limited [586,276,000] 143.0187.35-55.66144.0087.00127.601,039,000
Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd [200,831,000] 550.55500.00-50.55523.03500.00511.525,200
Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering Co Ltd [82,470,000] 993.67945.00-48.67989.00932.00973.382,340
Top 10 Gainers
Colgate Palmolive (Pakistan) Ltd [479,549,000] 1,750.001,824.9074.901,837.001,820.001,764.833,060
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000] 9,975.0010,011.0036.0010,250.009,975.009,993.062,560
Highnoon (Laboratories) Ltd [181,805,000] 220.48240.2419.76245.50225.11235.04337,300
Atlas Honda Ltd [1,034,065,000] 350.70364.1913.49365.29342.00352.0214,300
Service Industries Ltd [120,288,000] 880.00890.0010.00905.00840.00875.611,600
Abbott Laboratories Pakistan Ltd [979,003,000] 509.88517.888.00523.99500.00514.28111,350
KSB Pumps Co Ltd [132,000,000] 136.97142.895.92142.89125.00137.8136,900
Fauji Fertilizer Co Ltd [12,722,382,000] 133.96138.995.03139.20130.86133.728,521,200
First Credit & Investment Bank Ltd. [650,000,000] 9.2414.245.0014.2410.2012.13244,000
United Insurance Co of Pakistan Ltd [920,000,000] 37.2941.314.0241.3136.2038.79519,500


Following important news affected the Karachi stock market in the whole week

  • State Bank of Pakistan reduced the discount rate by 50 bps to 8%.
  • Foreign direct investment of the country reduced by 4% in last 8 months
  • Current account showed a surplus of $ 877 million for the month of February 2015
  • Important amendments  in the Petroleum policy 2009 were approved by the Council of common interest
  • International oil prices fell during the week

Karachi stock Market

According to the market analysts Karachi stock market will show an improved performance in the next week specially after the success of the PTI-PML-N dialogue  and reduction of the 50 Bps discount rate by the State bank of Pakistan.

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