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Top 5 copied traders on eToro

etoro-logoTrading may become more alluring and money-spinning for you if you copy the top of the notch traders of the week on the eToro trading network, promptly and simply. Observe as the trades are copied to your account automatically and administer your Copy Trading portfolio in an easy and crystal clear way. Make Use of the eToro OpenBook platform to explore the top social shareholders. When you’ve figured out a trader you would like to copy, share sum of your money for copying him and let the exciting journey of Copy Trading instigate!

Top 5 Copied Traders on eToro:

Following entire discussion is a concise account of the statistics of the top five unbeaten traders of last 30 days on eToro. They are ranked high primarily on the basis of the number of their copiers i.e. the amount of traders who are currently copying a specific trader using money.

Username: enerjetico

Name: Mohamed Chadlioui

Country: Spain

Copiers: 714

Weekly drawdownDaily drawdownProfitable weeksgain
5.43 %5.94 %66.66 %49.55 %


Username: maxxizLT

Name: Regis Pierre massicard

Country: France

Copiers: 413

Weekly drawdownDaily drawdownProfitable weeksgain
19.46 %12.39 %33.33 %1.25 %


Username: apasionada

Name: Jamila Ezzamouri

Country: spain

Copiers: 257

Weekly drawdownDaily drawdownProfitable weeksgain
6.17 %8.04 %66.67 %46.57 %


Username: MCR1234

Name: Martin Ralls

Country: United Kingdom

Copiers: 206

Weekly drawdownDaily drawdownProfitable weeksgain
0.05 %3.15 %83.33 %7.69 %


Username: Dolphin 188

Name: Martin Ralls

Country: Papua New Guinea

Copiers: 193

Weekly drawdownDaily drawdownProfitable weeksgain
0.0 %48.58 %100 %225.72 %


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