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Market Review :Downfall continued for the Karachi stock market

karachi stock ExchangeKarachi stock market continued to fall in spite of very encouraging inflation figures for the month of February 2015. Karachi stock exchange -100 index fell 369 points during the week,mainly because of panic selling by the foreign investors.The average weekly trading share volume increased by 0.63 % during the week.It was.857.5 million shares last week and this week it was 863 million shares .  The  market value decreased by 1.83 % to Rs 7.48 Trillion, as it was 7.62 Trillion last week. The Karachi stock market value decreased by Rs 0.14 Trillion during the week.

Energy and banking was the major affectee of the recent downfall of the Karachi stock market,as their main shares tumbled at the Karachi stock exchange.These two sectors collectively caused Karachi stock exchange-100 index to lose 211 points during the week.Following were the top gainers and losers of the week at the Karachi stock market.

Top 10 Gainers
Unilever Pakistan Food Limited [61,576,000]9,450.009,900.00450.009,900.009,410.009,472.9680
Exide Pakistan Ltd [77,686,000]1,130.531,439.04308.511,442.851,120.001,306.2317,640
Punjab Oil Mills Ltd [53,906,000]128.27163.6935.42163.69134.68148.8320,500
Pakistan Services Ltd [325,242,000]449.00479.5830.58479.58430.00453.78550
CYAN Limited [586,276,000]125.41147.0121.60150.50129.00140.864,367,000
Indus Motor Co Ltd [786,000,000]1,085.771,100.9415.171,116.001,020.001,073.55376,000
Blessed Textile Mills Ltd [64,320,000]135.23149.2414.01149.24136.00143.961,400
Pakistan State Oil Co Ltd [2,716,859,000]383.25394.3511.10397.00368.55385.837,064,500
Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Ltd [226,400,000]59.8569.439.5874.0062.8468.33504,000
D.G. Khan Cement Co Ltd [4,381,191,000]122.69130.197.50130.90119.00124.7721,916,500
Top 10 Losers
Wyeth Pakistan Ltd [142,161,000]3,265.842,837.00-428.843,143.362,837.002,995.23120
Rafhan Maize Products Ltd [92,364,000]10,701.1110,385.00-316.1110,490.009,900.0010,235.811,160
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000]10,200.009,975.00-225.0010,000.009,975.009,965.00260
Shezan International Ltd [79,860,000]1,203.43982.38-221.051,145.50982.381,052.971,350
Abbott Laboratories Pakistan Ltd [979,003,000]640.00537.42-102.58628.00535.00588.8429,600
Pakistan Tobacco Co Ltd [2,554,938,000]997.50900.91-96.59965.55900.60921.22400
Murree Brewery Co Ltd [230,530,000]1,098.601,011.86-86.741,082.001,000.001,034.062,060
Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering Co Ltd [82,470,000]1,079.451,000.05-79.401,035.001,000.001,009.002,480
Colgate Palmolive (Pakistan) Ltd [479,549,000]1,895.001,819.59-75.411,955.001,818.891,890.081,800
Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Co [180,737,000]874.62803.80-70.82846.10803.80

Following important news affected the Karachi stock market proceedings during the week

  • Securities and exchange commission approved the draft of the Securities act 2015
  • Foreign investors continued to sell their stocks this week ,as they sold net equity of more  than  $4.4 million during the week
  • The inflation rate for the month of the February  2015 was 3.24 % Karachi stock exchange

What is the future outlook?

Stock market analysts are expecting a very volatile and negative trend this week,as local and foreign investors are extremely negative about the Karachi stock market. Experts are advising the stock traders to invest mostly in the cement and food sectors.

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